50th Annual NPSC Conference

Sessions Theme Youtube Link
Inaugural Session INAUGURAL SESSION@50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/49PJIzHniMg
Welcome Address Designing Human Centric Education for a Sustainable World https://youtu.be/mFelJa2VC2Y
Session 1 NCF 2022- A Journey from Annamaya to Anandamaya Vikas @50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/FntbHypuMe0
Session 2 Life for Environment (LiFE) @50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/94tDFYXuwsY
Session 3 "Meenal"- The Precious Gem @50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/p3yhlm7n5kA
Session 4 Sustainable Horizon: Navigating the Tech Frontier for shaping the future of learning. https://youtu.be/58fXGqowZ6o
Session 5 Financial Literacy for a Balanced and Inclusive Ecosystem @50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/619_9-WLKf4
Session 6 Realising SDG …. the life force for change @50th Annual NPSC Conference https://youtu.be/-YmS4iO22lg
Valedictory Session Globalising Indian knowledge System as a Living Tradition https://youtu.be/xll5hBqcSq0