NPSC Mission

This vision statement emerges from the essence of two day deliberations on our theme "Emerging Changes and Challenges in education"

  • 1. To work towards creating an educational system that respects diversity and promotes equity.
  • 2. To devise an inclusive curriculum that develops the skills of students along with their academic excellence and innate talents.
  • 3. To practise and foster values of sustainable development through the virtues of- reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • 4. To respond to ones inner voice through conscious thought and action; and awaken the same among children.
  • 5. To work towards the recreation of an education that combines the qualities of the head, hand and heart.
  • 6. To introspect and question our practices and policies, learning from Indian and western thought to bring about reforms and to be open minded about systems of learning , thereby creating global citizens.
  • 7. To engage and have regular interaction with members of the civil society and media through groups within the NPSC which will help in building effective communication and bridging the gap.
  • 8. To be committed in the responsibility of nurturing a generation with values that respects the diversity and has the attributes of ethics , empathy, cooperation and social sensitivity.
  • 9. To end the superficial dichotomy between academics and sports and use sports as a medium to bring about inclusion and social harmony.
  • 10. To create a code of conduct for children that enables educators to deal with situations of violence, aggression, denial and peer pressure in schools.
  • 11. To allow for creative and constructive thinking to among children drawing from the rich Indian tradition and the resources of technology and media.