49th Annual NPSC Conference

We are at the cusp of a glorious and historic reform which marks a monumental development of our educational ecosystem. The NEP 2020, as a progressive & transformative policy proposes a cardinal role, envisioning multilingualism, foundational literacy & numeracy, multidisciplinary & holistic assessment, pedagogical innovation, & 21st century skill enhancement as a turning point for reaffirming our faith in future- paving way for new India.

Sustainable Development Goal 4(SDG4)sets bold and ambitious new targets that emphasise that ‘no education target should be considered met unless met by all’. To ensure that no child is left behind, active efforts are needed to identify the ‘furthest behind first’, identifying these children requires an understanding of where they are most likely to be found. Across the developing world, the hardest to reach children are often found in the hardest to reach areas, and are not likely to be in school.It is time to look at the actions for the global learning crisis. We know that millions of children are not learning, despite many attending school.

With the SDG-Education2030 agenda’s midpoint in sight, countries and the international community face the pressing need to transform the way we work—at the global level. It is critical to create anenabling environment to allow accelerated progress toward SDG 4, leveraging the partnerships, innovations, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 response and recovery action in the past.

Team NPSC aspires for a long term commitment in alignment with the global &national agenda, based on the principles of Equity, Inclusion & Sustainability, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all…&Leaving No One Behind . This conference serves as a catalyst to shape futures for humanity.

The invited participants will be asked to register online and upon registration, they will receive a link to the on-line meeting platform.


Eminent Speakers


Inaugural Session

Session 1

Rethinking learning in primary years

Session 2

Future trajectories of technologies - transforming learning ecosystem

Session 3

Bridging the gap between art & academics through joyful learning

Session 4

Designing assessment for holistic learning

Session 5

Skilling in School - cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset in education

Session 6

Innovation in education – the algorithm for meta learning

Session 7

Sustainable education- a roadmap to circular economy

Session 8

Learning to leapfrog- innovative pedagogies to transform education

Session 9

School Leadership- beyond education management

Valedictory Session

Recovery, Resilience & Reimagining Education